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PowerShell module with commands for discovering, installing, updating and publishing the PowerShell artifacts like Modules, DSC Resources, Role Capabilities and Scripts.


PS> Save-Module -Name PowerShellGet -Path <path> -RequiredVersion


PS> Install-Module -Name PowerShellGet -RequiredVersion -Force


See Documentation for more details.

Release Notes


New features
* Added support for modules requiring license acceptance (#150)
  - [Documentation](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/gallery/psget/module/RequireLicenseAcceptance)

* Added version for REQUIREDSCRIPTS (#162)
  - Enabled following scenarios for REQUIREDSCRIPTS
    - [1.0] - RequiredVersion
    - [1.0,2.0] - Min and Max Version
    - (,1.0] - Max Version
    - 1.0 - Min Version

Bug fixes
* Fixed empty version value in nuspec (#157)

* Disabled PowerShellGet Telemetry on PS Core as PowerShell Telemetry APIs got removed in PowerShell Core beta builds. (#153)
* Fixed for DateTime format serialization issue. (#141)
* Update-ModuleManifest should add ExternalModuleDependencies value as a collection. (#129)


New features
* Added `PrivateData` field to ScriptFileInfo. (#119)

Bug fixes
* Fixed Add-Type issue in v6.0.0-beta.1 release of PowerShellCore. (#125, #124)
* Install-Script -Scope CurrentUser PATH changes should not require a reboot for new PS processes. (#124)
    - Made changes to broadcast the Environment variable changes, so that other processes pick changes to Environment variables without having to reboot or logoff/logon.
* Changed `Get-EnvironmentVariable` to get the unexpanded version of `%path%`. (#117)
* Refactor credential parameter propagation to sub-functions. (#104)
* Added credential parameter to subsequent calls of `Publish-Module/Script`. (#93)
    - This is needed when a module is published that has the RequiredModules attribute in the manifest on a repository that does not have anonymous access because the required module lookups will fail.


Bug fixes
* Renamed `PublishModuleIsNotSupportedOnNanoServer` errorid to `PublishModuleIsNotSupportedOnPowerShellCoreEdition`. (#44)
    - Also renamed `PublishScriptIsNotSupportedOnNanoServer` to `PublishScriptIsNotSupportedOnPowerShellCoreEdition`.
* Fixed an issue in `Update-Module` and `Update-Script` cmdlets to show proper version of current item being updated in `Confirm`/`WhatIf` message. (#44)
* Updated `Test-ModuleInstalled` function to return single module instead of multiple modules. (#44)
* Updated `ModuleCommandAlreadyAvailable` error message to include all conflicting commands instead of one.  (#44)
    - Corresponding changes to collect the complete set of conflicting commands from the being installed.
    - Also ensured that conflicting commands from PSModule.psm1 are ignored in the command collision analysis as Get-Command includes the commands from current local scope as well.

* Fixed '[Test-ScriptFileInfo] Fails on *NIX newlines (LF vs. CRLF)' (#18)


Bug fixes
* Fixed 'Update-Module fails with `ModuleAuthenticodeSignature` error for modules with signed PSD1'. (#12) (#8)
* Fixed 'Properties of `AdditionalMetadata` are case-sensitive'. #7
* Changed `ErrorAction` to `Ignore` for few cmdlet usages as they should not show up in ErrorVariable.
    - For example, error returned by `Get-Command Test-FileCatalog` should be ignored.


* Initial release from GitHub.
* PowerShellCore support.
* Security enhancements including the enforcement of catalog-signed modules during installation.
* Authenticated Repository support.
* Proxy Authentication support.
* Responses to a number of user requests and issues.



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PowerShellGet 1.6.7 444572 Friday, August 17 2018
PowerShellGet 1.6.6 814262 Monday, July 02 2018
PowerShellGet 1.6.5 788154 Thursday, May 17 2018
PowerShellGet 1.6.0 769171 Tuesday, December 05 2017
PowerShellGet (this version) 159499 Monday, October 09 2017
PowerShellGet 24164 Tuesday, August 08 2017
PowerShellGet 68099 Tuesday, May 16 2017
PowerShellGet 23036 Monday, December 05 2016
PowerShellGet 1862 Wednesday, October 12 2016
PowerShellGet 479 Thursday, September 29 2016